Change-log, for Development

This change log is for the development of the Trinity Anglican Parish web site. It is designed for remote operation and group development.

This log is to be used by those people “plugged-in” to the Trinity online community.

It is so that we can keep track of “what’s what”.

Multiple parishioners will be involved in this and it will change hands over time. We will need to provide continuity and explanations of changes both for posterity and for pulling content from archived data/information.

It should be simple to use and provide information valuable to future generations of web developers.

The log entries are in “reverse” chronological order. So if you make a change, remember please to come here and make a short entry-description of your change (who, what, when, where, why sort of things).

When you complete your change entry, go to the very beginning of the line and place the cursor just before the date (and after the bullet) and hit “ENTER”. This will leave an empty slot for the next developer and remind everyone to enter the date and nature of their changes.

Thanks to all for helping build a tremendous community for those Anglicans and future Anglicans out on the web (especially those of Trinity Parish).

  • September 2, 3 [gsd]
    • Changed pic in right column from stained glass to Christ/heart
    • “fixed” photos of clergy (enhanced)
    • Got calendar page working – thanks Premium service!
    • Changed calendar primary name to Linda Allen – Linda will need to add her contact e-mail and confirm (so we both have an “in” to the site – just in case).
    • Performed test of e-mail on the calendar page to see who gets ths e-mail (*verified* – it comes in to the “Feedback” menu item within the WordPress tools).
  • August 22 [GSD]:
    • Cleaned up “Links” page – added graphics with jump links to sites on graphics
  • August 20[GSD]:
    • Changed Title fonts to something more traditional (scripted font).
    • Wrote intro/explanation of blogging using wordpress content and modifying for our use.
    • Added photo gallery, bottom-right column
    • Added static photo of the Stained Glass in the Narthax – this is a symbol of the brick and mortar church and represents the unique identity of Trinity. We can change this image to other iconography as time goes on, but the placement is a defining anchor for the church itself and as recognizable as the name itself. We need to stick with those photos that represent the church itself.
  • August 19 [gsd]:
    • Blog main page —
      • changed photo from angels to blue sky;
      • fixed grammatical typo (“love in our parish”);
      • set “part of” to “Diocese of the Missouri Valley”.
    • Experimenting with page layout – still no luck in getting graphics full screen, but I do note the former web page has the same design (layout in center with border on each side). This may be what we are stuck with, but … maybe not.
    • Added photo gallery to the right-hand column.
  • August 18: HELLO WORLD from Maryville, Tennessee !! [GSD]
    • Started a change log page on the blog itself.
    • Content page (better placement of “Contact Rector” button).
    • Dressed up the Blog page –
      • need to get with Rector and tell him that I now believe the answer to the “forum” question is right there in front of us – we simply use the blog as the forum.
        There is a “feedback” line on every entry and we control the content (both of the blog entry itself (the “Post”), and of what comments actually get published to the world).
        I “think” this would be the appropriate place for the moderator to see that we have no “controversial” content leaking to the world-at-large.

        Will also save us money in not requiring the “premium” service to access the app for forums.

        A blog is a forum, really. Parishoners will just have to submit their suggestions for posts to the moderator, and the moderator will post the entry…then, any parishioners who comment on the blog entry itself will do so in the “comments” section of the blog.

        Then, the moderator can decide whether to a) answer the comment, and b) PUBLISH the comment (and its answer) to the world. This would provide necessary screening of content.
“Picturesque” Maryville, Tennessee (ALCOA too) as seen from the majestic Foothills Parkway atop the Fire Tower. Knoxville is to the far right, and the lights on the horizon are the Cumberland Mountains overlooking historic Oak Ridge, Tennessee.
  • August 12 – 16: Initial development including: [SEP, GSD]
    • Also decisions regarding:
      • the menu items,
      • photo content,
      • and general ideas concerning layout and future opportunities (such as the use of this blog).