Trinity Church getting a new face lift, July 2-3. 2021

God’s house protected with a great new roof i July 2021. Preserved for all those here now and for those to come

Back to gathering together, and spending time just enjoying each other while we brake bread together. Our 1st monthly dinner outing at the Blue Moose. Great time. Rector took picture.

Sun Star Mission

The Sun Star Mission is located in the village of Kyle, South Dakota, which is about 1,100 souls. The church is a couple hundred yards from the Little Wound School and Lil’ Angels’ Convenience Store. there is a small grocery store. a a small coffee shop, and a clinic. Otherwise, there isn’t much in the way of businesses. Kyle is over 20 miles from the nearest village. it is one of the most remote towns in the Lower 48. The nearest off-reservation town, Martin, has more businesses but it’s over 35 miles away. The Badlands National Park border is about 15 or 20 miles north.